Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Restored After Elon Musk’s Poll, Former To Not Come Back On Twitter


On the evening of November 18, 2022, around 6:47 pm US time, i.e. on November 19, 2022, around 6:17 am IST, Elon Musk started a Twitter Poll. There he asked people if they wanted to have Donald Trump reinstated on Twitter. His tweet read, “Reinstate former President Trump,” followed by a simple Yes or No polling options.

Soon, votes started pouring in with only a slight difference between the two answers. Within a few minutes, Musk tweeted “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” in reply to his poll. Within less than 24 hours over 140 million netizens had seen the tweet.

By the end of the 24-hour deadline, over 15 Million people had seen the poll and cast their votes. With a total of 15,085,458 votes, the results were clear. While 51.8% of the voters were in favour of getting the former President back on Twitter, around 48.2% were against the notion. Although the difference between the answers was minimal, the decision had been made.


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