Dongfeng Launches New Hummer-Inspired Mengshi Brand With Two EV Concepts


Dongfeng Motors is introducing Mengshi (warrior in Chinese) as a new standalone brand, with two off-road-focused EV concepts and a goal to enter production in 2023. Some of you might have heard the name before, thanks to the Warrior M50, the Chinese reverse-engineered Hummer based on the Mengshi EQ2050 military truck.

According to the official presentation, the M logo stands for Military, Man, Marvelous, Mission, and Mengshi. If this tacky explanation is not enough, the official presentation included a graphic reinterpretation of the GMC Hummer EV, as if it wasn’t clear enough which vehicle is the inspiration behind Mengshi.

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The rugged-looking concepts are called M-Terrain and M-Terrain Sport, with the former being a large five-door SUV, and the latter a two-door pickup. Both of them feature Hummer-style proportions with off-road bumpers, angular surfacing, pronounced fenders, bespoke roof racks, and modern LED lighting units.

The interior features a digital instrument cluster, a large-diameter infotainment touchscreen, another screen integrated on the steering wheel, storage compartments on the utilitarian dashboard, and futuristic seats with orange upholstery.

The concepts are based on a new skateboard platform called MORA, which is compatible with fully electric (BEV) and range-extender (EREV) powertrains. The combined output of the “Mega Power” quad electric motors will be over 1,000 hp (735 kW / 1,014 PS) and 16,000 Nm (11,801 lb-ft) of torque, allowing a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 4.2 seconds, always according to the company. Mengshi didn’t reveal the specs of the floor-mounted battery, but leaked documents suggest it will have a capacity of 140 kWh, offering a 500 km (311 miles) range in the fully electric derivative.

Power will be transmitted to all four wheels through the M-ATS system comprising a two-speed gearbox and three electronic differential locks. Other highlights of the new architecture include steer-by-wire tech, rear-wheel steering, crab-walk capability, nine driving modes, and of course an adaptable air suspension. The vehicles will be capable of Level 3 autonomous driving. Finally, the “Oriental Eagle Eye intelligent UAV system” is designed to find the best possible route ahead, with the help of a drone.

Despite the sci-fi styling of the concepts that look like they came out of the Halo video game franchise, the Mengshi M-Terrain is close to production status, with the brand targeting a 2023 market launch in China. It is not clear if the model will be exported, but the English words used in the presentation could highlight potential availability to markets outside China.

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