Donkervoort F22 Debuts Dec 10 With More Power And A Sub-1,800LB Weight Figure


Dutch automaker Donkervoort published more details about the upcoming F22 limited-production model together with a set of teasers while confirming a December 10 reveal. The new model will replace the long-running D8 GTO bringing improvements in performance, safety, and practicality.

A selection of sketches and a teaser shot of the rear end gives us a good idea of the F22’s styling which represents an evolution of its predecessor’s Lotus Seven-inspired silhouette, staying true to the two-door two-seater configuration.

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The front end looks more aggressive, retaining the long vented hood and the signature exposed wheels. The tail is modernized with slimmer LED taillights, wide rear fenders, and a larger diffuser. Donnkervoort mentions an “innovative roof design” which will likely be removable. More importantly, the new model will bring advancements in active/passive safety and interior practicality, potentially making it more livable as a daily driver.

Despite being physically larger and having double the chassis rigidity of its predecessor, the Donkervoort F22 aims to be the “lightest road-legal supercar in the world” targeting to weigh “considerably less” than 800 kg (1,764 pounds). In comparison, the latest D8 GTO tipped the scales at 680 kg (1,500 pounds).

The F22 will also have lower emissions and better fuel economy while being faster than the outgoing D8 GTO. The latter is fitted with an Audi RS3-sourced turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine. The F22 will be equipped with a new manual gearbox with rev-matching and flat-shifting technologies. The upgraded chassis will boast an all-new active suspension system, with the sports car being capable of more than 2G of cornering forces.

Speaking about the new model, Denis Donkervoort, Managing Director of Donkervoort said: “The F22 is first and foremost a road car, and we have prioritized driver engagement, progressive handling, and driving fun over an absolute obsession with lap times – and will still be capable of very fast lap times. The reason for all of this, and its low emissions and sustainability, is so simple. It’s weight.”

The premiere of the F22 will be broadcasted online from Donkervoort’s Headquarters in Lelystad, The Netherlands, on December 10.

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