Downtown St. Paul Walgreen’s will temporarily close due to rodent issue


The Pioneer Press’ Frederick Melo reports the downtown St. Paul Walgreens is closing temporarily to deal with a rodent problem. Per Melo: “Walgreens had posted a brief explanation in printed signage on its interior door indicating ‘this Walgreens location will be closing to improve your shopping experience’ without further elaboration.”

The Star Tribune’s John Reinan writes that Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life is suing a Bemidji man after the man stopped payment on a donation his father had made the day before he died by suicide to the anti-abortion organization. “His son, Nick Charais, stopped payment on the donation checks and says MCCL knew his father wasn’t of sound mind when it took the donation. Now, the group is suing Nick Charais in Beltrami County District Court to get the money,” Reinan writes.

Bring Me the News’ Adam Uren reports that more than 50,000 homes were without power mid-morning thanks to heavy snowfall. 

The Strib’s Paul Walsh reports A man with a history of mental health issues was shot to death in New Auburn (Sibley County) early Thursday in an officer-involved incident.

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KARE 11 staff reports another round of free COVID-19 tests is available to households through the federal government.

Sahan Journal’s Hibah Ansari reports Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is making a visit to the Twin Cities. He is to speak Thursday at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

WCCO reports the Vikings are already selling playoff tickets despite not yet earning a spot in the playoffs.

FiveThirtyEight’s Maggie Koerth reports on efforts to save the Poweshiek skipperling butterfly, once abundant across this area. “It used to be, if you wanted to see a Poweshiek skipperling butterfly, the thing to do was go out on the prairie and stare into the middle distance, like you were trying to see a sailboat buried in a Magic Eye painting. Just watch, and wait, and they’d appear … Back then, more than 20 years ago, there were Poweshieks seemingly everywhere you looked in the Upper Midwest and Canada. Little, erratic, flapping things, Poweshieks are all rust and brown fuzz, no bigger than a quarter,” Koerth writes.

And from the MinnPost archives:

What better day than today to learn about snowflakes? Turns out, there are several kinds, and here’s an illustrated guide to identify them. The (California-based) snowflake expert we talked to — who consulted on Disney’s “Frozen” — said it’s easier to appreciate snowflakes when you’re not holding a shovel, but we beg to differ.

On this day in Lake Pepin history, a WWII bomber crashed into Lake Pepin. Supposedly, much of the wreck is still at the bottom of the lake.


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