Drako’s Insane 2,000 HP Dragon SUV Will Debut On Nov 17


EV startup Drako Motors has teased its upcoming Dragon ahead of an official launch on November 17.

Drako first arrived on the automotive scene a few years ago with its Fisker Karma-based GTE. The Dragon will take the form of a coupe crossover and in the run-up to its unveiling, the automaker has made some audacious claims about it. But first, the design.

This teaser doesn’t reveal much of what we didn’t already know about the vehicle. Among the key components that catch the eye include the sharp headlights with LED daytime running lights, the bold front bumper and grille, and the fact that the Dragon has gullwing doors. Fortunately for us, an undisguised Dragon show car was snapped in the midst of filming a promotional video in Italy last month, allowing us to see it in full.

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The most intriguing aspect of the Dragon is the fact that while it appears to be a four- or five-seater, it only appears to have two gullwing doors. It seems Drako may have taken some design inspiration from the Koenigsegg Gemera in designing a luxurious four-seater with two humongous doors. While it may not be very convenient for those sitting in the second-row, it does result in a very clean and fluid design.

Beyond its design, Drako has said the Dragon will feature four electric motors that combine to churn out 2,000 hp. Driving these motors will be a battery module built in-house. Drako claims it will hit 60 mph (96 km/h) in 1.9 seconds and a 200 mph (322 km/h) top speed. It will also apparently run the quarter-mile in just 9.0 seconds.

It is unclear how many examples of the Dragon could reach the production line nor how much each of them could cost. Whatever the case may be, expect it to be quite expensive, given that the GTE costs $1.25 million.

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