Drifting Nissan Detailer Causes First 2023 Z Wreck, Definitely Won’t Polish Out


The U.S. configurator for the 2023 Nissan Z went live less than two weeks ago, but it looks like we’ve already got ourselves our first 2023 Nissan Z wreck. And this one happened before the poor coupe had even got a chance to leave the dealer lot.

A video circulating on Facebook allegedly taken at a Puerto Rican Nissan dealership shows a metallic red 2023 Z parked in a back lot surrounded by SUVs and trucks, and looking very sorry for itself.

The Rosewood Metallic bodywork on the driver’s side stretching from the nose to the tail is a mess, the hood’s pedestrian impact rams appear to have activated and the driver’s side curtain airbag has deployed, filling the open window. It looks like there might also be some minor suspension damage, judging by the camber of the front wheel on this car versus that of a standard 2023 Z.

According to Facebook user Rubert who posted the video, the damage was down to the dealer’s detailer who decided it was a good idea “to push the car in the lot” in wet weather. The car was apparently already sold, but we imagine the detailer thought he could have a bit of fun and then use his cleaning skills to erase all evidence of his joyride. But that’s not how it worked out. Rubert says the detailer lost control and crashed onto a Ram truck.

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This proto Z wreck wasn’t actually one of the expensive Proto launch cars, but it’s still going to be an expensive car to replace, if the dealer can even get hold of another car to the right spec. It looks like the owner skipped the base Sport model and opted for the higher-spec Z Performance that starts at just under $50k and come with Rays alloys, premium Bose audio, front and rear spoilers, better brakes and a limited slip differential.

It’s not clear what will happen to the Z in the immediate future, but while the damage looks bad, it’s likely not as serious as it appears, and probably nothing a decent accident repair center couldn’t fix.


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