Driver Trapped In Car For 300 Miles After Cruise Control Gets Stuck On, Brakes Fail


A Chinese driver is relieved to have gotten out of a tricky situation without any injuries. The motorist, identified by AutoHome as one Mr. Luo, was at the wheel of a Haval H6 when the cruise control became stuck on and the brakes failed.

Luo was driving the H6 crossover, made by Haval (a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors) from Changsha, in Hunan province, to Yichun, in Jiangxi, a distance of just under 200 km (124 miles). He said he had the cruise control set at a speed of a little over 100 km/h (62 mph) when, less than halfway into his trip, in Zhuzhou, Hunan, he realized that he could not slow down.

With the brakes incapable of stopping the H6, and the cruise control unable to be canceled, Luo said that he lost his composure and started crying. Fortunately, he was able to collect himself and call the highway patrol, which scrambled several vehicles and organized an escort for the runaway vehicle.

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From there, the police managed to get in touch with engineers at Haval, in the hopes of finding an Apollo 13-style solution for the problem. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, the crossover continued on down the highway.

Thanks to the escort, and Luo’s driving, the vehicle was operated safely until it ran out of fuel in Guangdong, about 500 km (311 miles) down the road from where he lost control, and nearly three times farther away than he had initially intended to drive.

Now that everyone is safe, the crossover has been sent away to be looked at. Investigators will attempt to determine what led to the failure of the cruise control system and the brakes. We suspect, meanwhile, that it will be a long time before Luo trusts cruise control again.

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