E.Go e.Wave X Is A Baby Electric Car That Looks So Cute Attempting To Cosplay The Tough Guy


We’ve updated this article with live images of the Ego e.Wave X from its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show that runs Oct 17-23, 2022. Check out our complete coverage of the show here.

German brand e.go has launched the e.wave x, its second production model, and the crossover variant of the e.go Life. Besides the adventurous bits, the angry-looking city car also offers more power, a longer driving range, and an updated interior.

The e.wave X features redesigned bumpers with faux intakes, two extra rally-style lights, plus a front skidplate. The crossover stance is enhanced by the wide fender flares, the side-sill extensions, the 18-inch wheels, and a set of tiny roof rails. The latter are not there for cosmetic purposes as they can hold a bike rack.

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Instead of sharing the interior with its sibling, the e.wave X gets a fully redesigned dashboard featuring a 23-inch panel. The display houses the digital instrument cluster and the infotainment touchscreen, with shortcut hard buttons positioned underneath it. Other features in the four-seater cabin include vegan leather upholstery, aluminum-style plastic trim, and a wireless charging pad on the center console.

The e.go e.wave X is fitted with a single electric motor producing 107 hp ( 80 kW / 109 PS), an increase over the e.go Life’s 76 hp (57 kW / 78 PS). The EV is rear-wheel drive, offering three driving modes – Eco, Comfort, and Sport. A new battery provides it with a range of 240 km (149 miles) in the WLTP urban cycle, which is more than double the regular model’s 117 km (106 miles), while it is also compatible with 11 kW charging.

The e.wave X is already available for reservations, with the first deliveries expected towards the end of 2022. According to the official website, pricing starts from €24,990 ($24,470 at today’s exchange rates), which makes it €2,000 ($1,960) more expensive than the regular e.go Life. Prices include €3,570 ($3,495) worth of incentives and place the tiny EV against the Fiat 500.

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Live Photos Stefan Baldauf / Guido ten Brink for CarScoops


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