Elantra N Owner Says Hyundai Stepped In After Cop Told Him To Sue Dealer Over Stock Exhaust


Not long ago we told you about how a police officer chided and then ticketed a driver for his loud exhaust. While that might sound pretty normal for California, what makes it strange is that the car in question is a stock Hyundai Elantra N sedan. Now, the driver is back with an update and things still aren’t settled.

A user who goes by the name OkCandidate103 on Reddit posted a video on YouTube (where he goes by Cosmo) of the police interaction. The officer tells the Hyundai driver that he’s been pulled over for a loud exhaust. Once the Hyundai driver says that it’s stock, the Police officer rips into him and ultimately says that “you’re about to spend $7,000 on this car right now.”

Since then, we’ve only seen very brief updates from time to time and it seemed that things between the driver, the state of California, and Hyundai were at a stalemate. Now, we’re getting new details from the driver stating that the Korean automaker has stepped in to provide more assistance in various ways. Check out the full original interaction below.

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According to Ok, after the last update “a new Hyundai manager reached out to me and set up a date to have my vehicle picked up for testing at HATCI (Hyundai America Technical Center Inc). They set me up in a hybrid loaner and I am still currently driving the loaner vehicle.” So this situation is taking multiple months all while the owner continues to make payments on the car.

For its part, Hyundai seems to be going toe to toe with the Californian government over the issue. According to the owner, “Hyundai have confirmed a few weeks ago that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle. I assume that they will be holding on to the EN and I will be driving their loaner until the citation and state ref is cleared.”

On top of that, Hyundai has given him a $500 payment as compensation for the trouble and he’s hired a lawyer for his February 23rd court date. Here’s to hoping that it gets thrown out long before then. The owner plans to provide an update with the results of the case when they take place.

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