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Election deniers attempting to train and install election judges


Catharine Richert and Curtis Gilbert from MPR report election deniers are attempting to recruit and train poll workers who share their beliefs. ” Nationally, the movement is led by Cleta Mitchell, a former attorney for former President Donald Trump who was on the infamous phone call where Trump pressured Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find him 11,000 votes. In Minnesota, the movement has given rise to a constellation of self-styled election integrity groups scattered around Minnesota,” they report.

ABC News’ Soo Rin Kim tells reports Minnesota Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett’s husband was overheard “urging conservative supporters to send sheriffs and deputies to form an Election Day ‘SWAT team.’” However, “Minnesota law does not allow law enforcement to be situated in a polling place for any purpose other than responding to a call for assistance,” Kim reports.

The Star Tribune’s Stephen Montemayor reports that a Star Tribune photojournalist is filing a lawsuit against state public safety leaders after his hand was injured covering a protest, alleging law enforcement used “a custom and practice of unconstitutional use of force against journalists” during 2020 and 2021 protests.

Heidi Holtan from KAXE talks with Gov. Tim Walz about his Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener this year and the upcoming deer hunting season

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KARE 11’s Alexandra Simon and Deevon Rahming report that Minnesota schools are seeing an increase in flu infections this past week. Infection rates have almost tripled since Oct. 23 and are expected to continue to increase. 

At Sahan Journal, Abe Asher writes about Marlena Myles, a local indigenous artist whose work appeared on the Google homepage. Marlena comments on what her art means to her and her community

KARE 11’s Samantha Fischer reports on how The Minnesota Underground Music Archives are preserving decades of Minnesota’s rare and underground music. From posters to vinyls, years of Minnesota music history is stored in a large facility under the University of Minnesota campus. 

The Star Tribune’s Greg Stanley reports on the endangerment of Minnesota’s paddlefish, a species that has survived for 125 million years. Stanley explains how fishermen go about catching these fish, and how dams and pollution threaten the species that have been here since the age of the dinosaurs. 


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