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Electric 2024 Buick Electra Crossover Prototype Caught Testing For First Time


We now have our very first spy shots of Buick’s upcoming all-electric crossover. This prototype, caught testing on public roads in Michigan, shares much in common with the Electra X concept that was first shown this summer.

Although it is still covered in plenty of camouflage – both a dazzle camouflage wrap and softer black material—some important design cues can still be seen. The DRLs, for instance, are reminiscent of those seen on the Electra X concept thanks to their numerous LED lines that curve downward near the wheel arch.

The slim, angular taillights that jut out of the rear end of the SUV are also reminiscent of the concept. Through the cammo, we can even see flush door handles that will doubtless give this crossover an elegant edge.

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The Buick Electra X Concept pictured above was revealed earlier this year in China

The overall shape, too, reminds us of the Electra X concept, albeit interpreted in a more production-friendly way. To be sure, the back end of the vehicle rakes down less aggressively than the almost coupe-like concept, but the nose appears to be as sharp as the Electra X’s.

Buick has officially revealed that it will revive the Electra name for its upcoming EVs and trademarks suggest that it will use the “Electra EV1” through EV9 nomenclature for the lineup. Just which number this vehicle will be remains to be seen.

Although it is highly reminiscent of the Electra X Concept, the brand said that that design previewed a vehicle for the Chinese market. For the North American market, meanwhile, Buick showed the Wildcat EV concept, a sedan that shared a number of design traits.

Although it is not impossible for Buick to be testing a vehicle destined for China in North America, it would be naive to assume that it doesn’t have any plans to release any electric crossovers in the SUV mad North American market.

For both markets, though, Buick plans to base its EVs on GM’s Ultium platform. In the all-electric 2024 Chevrolet Equinox, the platform offers both front and all-wheel drive arrangements that make between 210 hp (157 kW / 213 PS) and 290 hp (216 kW / 294 PS). Ranges, meanwhile, will vary from between 250 miles (402 km) to 300 miles (483 km) depending on trim.

This Buick Electra model will necessarily play an important role in Buick’s future. The brand has committed to going all electric by 2030 and has said that its first EV will be ready for the North American market by 2024.

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Photo credit: SB-Medien/S.Baldauf for Carscoops


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