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Enjoy The Sight And Sound Of Cadillac’s New Endurance Racer Testing Out On Track

Back in June, Cadillac unveiled their Project GTP Hypercar as their return to the global racing stage. All that was made known at the time was that the car would race in both IMSA and WEC, and it would be powered by an all-new engine. Thanks to a new teaser from Cadillac, we might have a better clue about exactly what that new engine might be.

Details were originally limited only to the fact that it’s a 5.5-liter dual overhead cam V8, and at first, it might have seemed that the car would share its engine with the Corvette C8.R, which also uses a 5.5-liter DOHC V8. However, given Cadillac’s use of the phrase “all-new” in the original press material, as well as the sounds heard in this latest teaser, we’re inclined to believe it’s a completely different engine.

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Unlike the C8.R, this engine has been speculated to use a cross-plane crankshaft, which would make sense given that it sounds distinctly more American than a lot of the other cars competing in the class. The tone is almost reminiscent of a stock car, just with much quicker and higher revving. In all honesty, though, this engine really suits the all-American Cadillac, and it gives it a sound unlike anything else on the grid, which is something we can get behind. We’re also fans of the crisp, brutal sounds it makes on downshifts.

To hear even more of the Project GTP Hypercar, as well as see it in its testing livery, an additional video of it lapping Sebring can be viewed below.

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