Entry-Level Lucid Air Pure Starts At $89,050, A Whole Lot More Than The $69,900 Promised In 2020


Later this month, on November 15th, Lucid is going to unveil its new Air Pure trim that starts at $89,050 with shipping. The event, called In The Air and Beyond, will take place at Lucid’s Beverly Hills studio and will also mark the first deliveries of the Air Touring trim as well. The Touring and Pure represent new price levels that take on other electric vehicles like the Tesla and Mercedes more directly than Lucid has in the past.

Lucid hasn’t released complete specs and details about the Air Pure but we do know that it’ll launch with a metal roof and a motor on each axle enabling all-wheel drive. Lucid’s website also says that it’ll have up to 480 hp (357 kW) and a 406-mile (653 Km) projected range.

That $89,050 is considerably more than the automaker initially promised. A post from Instagram back in November 2020 shows a rendering of the Air Pure and the Mojave Purluxe interior. Back then, it was promised for just $69,900. As sales of the Pure begin, deliveries of the next trim up in the lineup, the Touring will begin.

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The Touring model is notable for its $109,050 (with shipping) base price. That’s not far from the base price of either the Tesla Model S ($106,440) or the Mercedes EQS ($105,550) points out Automotive News. It also gets a glass roof and up to 620 hp (462 kW). It also has access to Lucid’s driving assistance software DreamDrive Pro. More details about the Touring will be released at the event. There’s a lot more to see at the event beyond these two cars though.

“The online event will also feature exciting announcements about the Lucid business and future models, including the Project Gravity SUV that reimagines the luxury SUV with the same in-house-developed technology that underpins the groundbreaking Lucid Air,” the automaker said on its website.

If you’re in the Beverly Hills area on November 15th, the event is open to the public.  This is the first time that all five different Air trim levels, the Pure, Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Performance, and the Sapphire will be on display together.


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