Eve Hewson has very relatable reaction to meeting Brad Pitt


Pic: Instagram/Eve Hewson

Eve Hewson is definitely used to rubbing shoulders with A-Listers, but we could forgive her for getting star-struck when meeting Brad Pitt.

She previously revealed how she was working hard to get cast in his upcoming Formula 1 flick after falling in love with the sport.

And it looks like her dream is closer to becoming a reality as she was pictured hanging out with Brad this weekend.

The pair were both enjoying watching the F1 race over the weekend in Texas.

Eve Hewson with Formula 1 drivers Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda Pic: Instagram/Formula 1

Eve shared several pictures of her time at the event, including a shot of her chatting to Brad Pitt.

Just a casual flex!

She captioned the shot: “Yep..”

Earlier this year she appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show over in the States to promote Eve explained that her new obsession is Formula 1 after watching the addictive Netflix series, Drive to Survive.

Pic: Instagram/Eve Hewson

“Brad Pitt is making a Formula 1 movie. And I have the same manager as Brad Pitt,” she explained.

“I was at dinner with my manager, and I was obviously talking about it. And she was like, ‘Oh he’s making a movie about it.’ And I was like, ‘Get Brad Pitt on the phone right now.’.”

She explained that after her manager called up Brad Pitt himself, Eve told him: “I will do anything to be in this movie. I will have one line, I will be in the pit crew, I will do whatever you want. But I’ve got to be in this film!”

The Dublin native was left gobsmacked when she learned that Brad was actually a fan of hers! In fact, he told her: “I’m such a fan. I watched Behind her Eyes twice. You’re in it kid.”

If the picture is anything to go by, then it looks like everything is coming up Eve!


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