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Eysing PF40 Is A Pininfarina-Designed E-Moped Priced From $14.5k


If someone told you about a new PF40 designed by Italian design house Pininfarina you might think it’s about a new take on the iconic Ferrari F40. In reality, things couldn’t be more different though as the PF40 is a fully electric moped sold by a Duch company called Eysing.

The PF40 is the first product of the collaboration between Pininfarina and Eysing. The retro-futuristic design of the e-mobed is inspired by motorcycles of the ’30s. Note that Eysing was a car and motorcycle manufacturer founded back in 1903, which explains the styling references.

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The PF40 has a slim and sculpted body, a vintage round headlight, an analog tachometer, and black spoked 26-inch wheels made of polished aluminum. In front of the saddle, there is a small storage compartment with a transparent cover.  Besides the styling, Pininfarina also designed the chassis of the e-moped.

The electric motor produces 2.6 hp (2 kW / 2.7 PS) and is mounted on the lower part of the vehicle alongside the 35 Ah lithium-ion battery. Top speed is limited to either 25 km/h (16 mph) or 45 km/h (28 mph) depending on the version. The estimated range between charges is 80-100 km (50-62 miles). Charging takes 8 hours from a regular outlet or 4 hours from a quick charger.

The e-moped is quite lightweight, tipping the scales at 60 kg (132 pounds). The maximum allowed weight is 175 kg (386 pounds) including driver, luggage, and accessories. This means that in order to ride it safely, you need to weigh less than 115 kg (254 pounds) with your clothing.

The Eysing PF40 premiered at Masters Expo 2022 in Amsterdam and is already available for pre-orders from the official website. However, the first deliveries are scheduled for 2024, so prospective buyers need to be armed with patience. They also need to dig deep into their pockets, as pricing for the stylish fully electric two-wheeler starts from €13,780 (the equivalent of $14,530 at today’s exchange rates).

With such a high price you are probably worried about someone stealing your e-moped. Thankfully, the owners will be able to track the location of the vehicle at any time through the Eysing Connect App on their smartphone. According to the company, if the PF40 is not where you left it, their “security experts” will “locate and recover the e-moped”.

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