Facelifted 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia Copped Undisguised?


Roughly five months after a series of images of the facelifted 2023 Alfa Romeo Stelvio surfaced online, it appears that the facelifted Giulia has also leaked.

These images were recently shared to Instagram by the page with the first two showing the sedan modified for the Italian police force. You could be excused for thinking the Giulia pictured looks identical to the current model but take a closer look at the headlights, and you’ll notice they have more defined inner design elements, more akin to the lights of the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV.

Importantly, the headlights pictured on this Giulia appear largely identical to those that were fitted to a facelifted Stelvio, snapped both in Alfa Romeo’s factory and on the street in March.

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This Giulia crafted for the Polizia can also be seen sporting a pair of circular fog lights incorporated into the lower grille section. While entry-level Giulia models on sale in Europe are already offered with these fog lights, they are not present on the Giulia models currently used by Italian police forces.

The police livery has also been updated when compared to the current model with the most notable alterations being the redesigned white sections running across the hood and contrasted with blue, green, and red stripes.

No further details are known about the facelifted Alfa Romeo Giulia, including when it could hit the market, though we could see it as early as this year or the beginning of 2023, either as a 2023MY or 2024MY in North America. It is possible that Alfa Romeo will also update the rear fascia with new taillights complete with different LED signatures.

Alfa Romeo is expected to continue selling the Giulia and Stelvio until around 2027, the date when it will morph into an all-electric brand. As such, the facelifted models could be in the market for four or five years and if so, may also benefit from some technology updates in their cabins.

Lead image Instagram/Alfaromeo.ita


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