Famous Florida Flooded McLaren P1 Is Back For Sale After $400k Winning Bid Rejected


The McLaren P1 that was famously destroyed by Hurricane Ian in Florida is back up for auction through Copart.

As you may recall, the Volcano Yellow P1 was caught in flood water just one week after the owner purchased it through Bring a Trailer. In November, the car was listed for sale on Copart and a few days ago, sold for a touch over $400,000. However, it didn’t stay sold for very long.

YouTuber TK’s Garage claims that the insurance company that took possession of the car after the hurricane wanted $800,000 for it and placed a $450,000 reserve on the auction. While bidding didn’t quite reach the $450,000 mark, it was apparently enough for the insurer to accept the offer and was officially listed as sold by Copart.

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For whatever reason, this sale has fallen through and the hybrid hypercar has been re-listed and will remain available until December 16. At the time of writing, a bid of $259,000 had been placed. While it is unclear if the insurer has adjusted its reserve, that figure is obviously much less than the car could ultimately sell for.

If the car does sell the second time around, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for it. In all likelihood, the next owner will attempt to repair it and sell it for a profit but given that the car remained partially submerged in flood waters for quite some time, repairing it will be a huge challenge and cost an extraordinary amount of money. JK’s Garage suggests that repairing it for less than $400,000 could be extremely difficult.

Whatever the case may be, it will be nice to see someone at least attempt to try and save the car as seeing it scrapped would be a shame.

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