Fancy A VW Eos That Wants To Be A Scirocco R?


The VW Eos has never been a particularly popular car among car enthusiasts but the owner of this example obviously loved it and made a host of intriguing alterations to it.

In fact, this Eos has been adorned with so many striking changes that you may not even immediately recognize it as being an Eos. The most obvious changes made is the fitment of a front fascia from the Scirocco R and a rear fascia from a Golf R.

While equipping a vehicle with front and/or rear fascias that it didn’t leave the factory with often looks very weird, we think it has worked out very nicely in this case. The front end gives the Eos a much more aggressive and purposeful look, as does the rear. A unique set of 19-inch wheels further add to the dramatic look of the car.

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The car is currently up for sale through eBay and the seller notes that it has been resprayed in a shade of blue from the BMW palette that appears to be Long Beach Blue, made famous on the first-generation M2. It also sits on a set of coilovers and has been equipped with a straight exhaust that features dual tailpipes in the center of the rear fascia.

Various changes have also been made to the car’s interior. These include the fitment of an aftermarket Android infotainment screen and a new audio system with three subwoofers in the trunk. Seats trimmed in bright orange leather also catch the eye.

The listing claims the car has just 93 miles (150 km) on the clock although that sounds too low to be true. It has an asking price of £15,000 ($17,634).


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