Fellten Motors Will Turn Your Classic Porsche 911 And Other Cars Into EVs


As automakers across the globe make the transition to electric powertrains, a small team is working to help classic cars make the shift too. That company is Fellten Motors and it’s building standardized bolt-in kits that can keep classics on the road without the oil and gas. It already has offices in the U.K. and Australia and will open one in the U.S. soon.

We’ve seen a number of classic cars that have been converted to electric power before. Fellten itself already offers kits for three classic cars, the Porsche 911, the Classic Mini, and the Land Rover. Unlike many conversions we’ve seen in the past though, Fellten isn’t just ripping out the engine and then dropping in some batteries and a motor though.

As the resulting company of a merger between Zero EV and Jaunt Motors, Fellten has a lot of experience to work with. For example, Zero EV featured one of its kits on its YouTube channel around a year ago. Notably, it’s a complete kit that requires no modification to the 911 it’s made for. The whole thing is reversible.

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Fellten is heavily focused on standardizing a full kit and keeping the vehicle’s original character. The engineering team benchmarks the vehicle in question with its internal combustion engine in place first. That way, the resulting product will feature similar power, handling, and driving dynamics despite having a modern electric drivetrain.

Fellten takes 3D scans of the vehicle once the ICE components are out so that it can find the best places for its electric components. If pre-designed components won’t fit or do the job properly, they prototype new ones. Once a test mule is complete, the team goes through extensive on-road testing to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

On top of that, these electric vehicles can be fitted with modern features like hill-hold, hill-descent, and regenerative braking too. Fellten says that kits for other classic cars are on the way in the future but hasn’t released details about what models it intends to include. We’ve reached out to see if they’ll shed some light on future plans and we’ll update this post if we hear back.


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