Ferrari 458 Driver Hits A Wall After Spinning Out And Seemingly Forgetting That The Brake Pedal Exists


A recently-posted video on Instagram demonstrates why learning to drive is such an important skill. One driver in a bright red Ferrari 458 Italia is still honing their skills after a recent incident. After spinning out in front of a crowd of people recording their actions it seems that the driver forgot about the brake pedal and subsequently caused thousands of dollars to the supercar.

Brought to us by the Instagram handle SpeedHouston, the incident was first uploaded on October 10th. It shows the bright red prancing horse leaving an unnamed event. As it exits, the driver seems to stomp on the throttle which in turn pushes the back end of the car out in a subtle power slide.

We can see as the driver engages opposite-lock initially but then the car swings back to the right and the driver doesn’t make a second correction. In fact, the car almost makes a complete 180-degree turn from its initial direction of travel. It ends up with its nose pointed at an angle but towards a wall and seconds later the car rolls into that wall.

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From what we can see it doesn’t seem as though the driver ever engages the brakes despite the slow agonizing pace at which the Ferrari approaches the wall. A sharp, hard engagement of the brake at almost any time would’ve likely been enough to save it from serious damage. Instead, as the car comes into contact with the wall it’s easy to see the airbags deploy. The driver gets out and is then seen on the phone.

This incident is a perfect example of why it’s so important to learn that when something goes wrong on the road, the brakes are often your best friend. Get stopped, get a handle on the situation, and then get going again in safety.


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A post shared by @speedhouston

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