Ferrari Enzo Spins Across The Road, Crashes Into Honda While Being Delivered To New Owner


You never know under which circumstances you may have an accident. Take for example the delivery driver of a Ferrari Enzo who was reportedly taking the limited edition supercar to its new owner on the U.K. island of Jersey when they crashed.

Registered in Guernsey, the Jersey Evening Post reports that the V12 supercar was driving east before the accident occurred. A witness said that the vehicle was traveling past a set of traffic lights when it spun across a curbed median between the lanes.

The Enzo then slid into the westbound lanes and into the path of an oncoming Honda Jazz (which is sold in North America as the Fit). Images of the aftermath of the crash suggest that it was severe.

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The Ferrari‘s right rear wheel was broken almost completely off by the force of the impact, and heavy damage can be seen on the left rear side of the vehicle. Reports indicate that bodywork from the stricken Enzo could be seen all over the road.

Another video of the aftermath of the accident shows that the front end of the Honda was damaged, too. An elderly driver involved in the accident was taken to hospital, though that was fortunately a precautionary measure.

Limited to just 400 examples, the Ferrari Enzo was produced between 2002 and 2004. It is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine that sends 651 hp (485 kW/660 PS) to the rear wheels.

When it was new, Ferrari sold the Enzo for $659,000, but Road & Track reports that values can easily reach $2 million these days.

The owner of the Enzo involved in this accident, which occurred on September 29, has not yet been identified, and a number of questions remain. The Jersey Evening Post, in a followup post, wrote that police are still seeking information related to the accident. It wants to hear from any witnesses or anyone who has any information relating to it.


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