Ferrari Exhibits Unique Alloy 365 GTB/4 That Was Buried In A Barn For 40 Years


Among the exhibits of the Ferrari Museum in Modena is one of the coolest barn finds of recent years. We are talking about the unique alloy-bodied 365 GTB/4 Daytona Berlinetta which was discovered in Japan after collecting dust for 40 years. Notably, the vehicle remains in barn-find condition, a characteristic that makes it even more special.

The story of this dusty Ferrari went viral back in 2017 when it was discovered in Japan. While any 365 GTB/4 (1969-1973) is a valuable piece of Maranello history, this particular one is even more special as the only surviving example with an aluminum body made by Scaglietti.

The first owner of the Daytona with chassis number #12653 was a close friend of Enzo Ferrari, who acquired it in 1969. The model was imported to Japan in 1971, changing hands three times. Fast forward to 2017, the neglected model was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s together with its “original dust”, fetching €1.8 million ($1.86 million). It seems that the new owner lent it to the Ferrari Museum allowing visitors to take a closer look.

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The hand-formed alloy body panels are combined with plexiglass covers for the iconic headlights of the Daytona – although one of them is cracked. There is plenty of foggy and rusty chromework, dirty wheels, rusty exhaust pipes, and a dent on the side sills. Inside, a thick layer of dust covers every inch of the cabin other than the beautiful steering wheel that has been replaced.

The haunting looks of the 365 GTB/4 are undeniably cool, but also make us want to see this thing being meticulously cleaned and restored. If this process was well documented, it would probably end up as of the most satisfying restoration videos out there. Still, bringing a unique Ferrari back to factory-spec condition is a process that requires deep pockets and plenty of time.

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