Ferrari F8 Spider Left In Ruins In Northern Italy After Crash With Truck


A Ferrari F8 Spider has been completely ruined in a crash that recently took place in the northern part of Italy.

Details about the accident are limited but according to the Instagram account Varryx that posted these photos, local police suspect that the driver of the Ferrari lost control in the middle of a sharp turn and hit the front-quarter of a large gasoline tanker.

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Images taken of the Ferrari in the aftermath of the crash reveal that it will likely never return to the roads. Most of the damage appears to be concentrated around the driver’s side rear quarter panel, indicating that this is the area of the F8 Spider that slammed into the front of the truck.

We can see that one of the rear wheels has been torn completely off the car, as have all of the associated suspension and braking components. The two circular taillights on that corner of the car have popped out and the rear quarter panel itself has been totally destroyed, as has the rear bumper.

No images of the Ferrari’s front end have been shared online so it’s impossible to know much how damage it sustained. What we can see is that the passenger side appears to have escaped serious damage and if the car ends up in a salvage yard, there are certainly some body panels that could be removed and sold.

Damage sustained to the truck appears relatively minor and is limited to the front fascia.


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