Ferrari Roma Works Surprisingly Well As A Four-Door Sedan


This story includes speculative illustrations for a fictional Ferrari Roma Limousine made by independent designer sugardesign_1 that are neither related to nor endorsed by Ferrari.

Ferrari is ready to unveil its first five-door high-riding model, the Purosangue, but what if the Italian brand offered a more traditional four-door sedan as part of its current lineup? Independent designer Sugar Chow took the challenge and envisioned a Ferrari Roma Limousine, proving that the styling of Maranello’s entry-level grand tourer works really well two extra doors.

Sugar Chow is known for converting coupes and sportscars into shooting brakes or sedans into station wagons, but this time he went for a different recipe, transforming a grand tourer into an executive sedan. The Ferrari Roma served as the donor vehicle for this fictional concept that only exists in the digital world.

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The model is sharing the front and rear end design with the two-door GT, but features a significantly longer wheelbase in order to fit four doors and offer proper legroom for the rear passengers. The profile looks surprisingly well-proportioned, as the independent designer did a great job integrating the extra volume, retaining the surfacing and stretching the greenhouse.

While this design works really well on the computer screen, it would probably be quite hard to fit an average-sized individual at the back. And the problem is not the vehicle’s length, but the low height, since the Roma measures 1,301 mm (51.2 inches) tall. Add the coupe-style roofline into the mix and you’ll see that rear headroom should be close to non-existent. Still, we must admit there have been low-slung four-door sedans with a similar footprint, like the Fisker Karma/Karma Revero GT which is only 1,331 mm (52.4 inches) tall, or the Aston Martin Rapide at a slightly increased 1,359 mm (53.5 inches). Even the 2008 Lamborghini Estoque concept was taller than the Roma, with a height of 1,350 mm (53.1 inches).

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In terms of underpinnings, the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine of the Roma and the Portofino M sounds like a great option for the heavier sedan, producing 612 hp (456 kW / 620 PS) and 761 Nm (561 lb-ft) of torque. Note that the Roma was introduced in 2019, which means it could soon get a mild facelift with a potential increase in power.

In reality, as much as design aficionados would like to see a Ferrari-branded sedan, this is a very unlikely scenario. Maranello is not interested in the segment, and the upcoming Purosangue will be offering more than enough practicality for those who want more room to spare, combined with plenty of performance. Mind you, in the past there was the 1980 Ferrari Pinin, a V12-powered sedan concept designed by Pininfarina, which nevertheless remained a one-off.

Image Credits: Sugar Chow


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