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Ferrari Vision GT Teased For Gran Turismo 7, Debuts November 27th


The Gran Turismo news continues as Ferrari has teased their upcoming Vision GT concept.

Set to debut on November 27th at the GT World Series Nations Cup Final, the mysterious model will be the latest in a long line of concepts created for the Gran Turismo series.

Details are limited, but Ferrari hinted “something big is coming” and released a short teaser video that shows the car under a ‘molten’ cover. It’s eventually lifted to reveal the front end of the concept, which features slender lighting units that reside on either side of a prancing horse logo.

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While there isn’t much to see, the concept was created for Gran Turismo 7 and it will follow the Lamborghini Lambo V12, Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV / Vision Gran Turismo Roadster, Porsche Vision Gran Turismo / Vision Gran Turismo Spyder, and Suzuki Vision Gran Turismo. Earlier versions of the game also saw concepts from Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Bugatti, Chevrolet, McLaren, Mercedes, Lexus, and Volkswagen – among others.

Not much is known about the Ferrari Vision Gran Turismo at this point, but producer Kazunori Yamauchi recently teased an update that will celebrate Gran Turismo’s 25th anniversary. The update is slated to include at least three vehicles that are believed to be the Nissan Silvia S14 Aero, Ford Sierra RS Cosworth, and the first-generation BMW M2.


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