Ferrari Will Unveil LaFerrari Successor In 2024, Per Allegedly Leaked Document


Ferrari may build a total of 828 units of its, as-yet unnamed, upcoming supercar if a recent table posted to the Auto Pareri forum and shared with us by Mahmud Maha is to be believed. The car, apparently codenamed the F250, is set to be unveiled in October 2024, according to the document.

It shows that the standard car will be unveiled on that date, and that Ferrari will build just 599 of them. The Italian supercar maker has long based its production figures on how many units it believes it can sell minus one, in order to maintain its exclusivity and cache.

Per the document, a track-only XX version of the car will be unveiled in July 2026. Production of that model will be substantially more limited, and the automaker will build just 30. Launched in 2005, the XX program gives Ferrari’s best clients access to track days where they can drive the purist version of its latest supercars at special events all over the world.

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Finally, the spider (or convertible) version of the car will be unveiled a year later, in October 2027. Ferrari will make 199 of those, to bring the total across all models up to 828 examples of the supercar.

The purported document further lays out the testing schedule for the F250 and claims that the test program for the test mule (mulotipi) started in July of this year. We saw a Ferrari hypercar testing before then, but that may have been the Le Mans racer, not this road car.

The paper adds that the prototype will start testing in February, while pre-production models are set to start arriving in January and March 2024. Although it’s hard to be sure if this is a real internal document or not, we do know that Ferrari is working on a future supercar.

According to a presentation about its future business plan, the automaker is planning a range-topping supercar that will have technology transferred from Formula 1 and its Le Mans Hypercar program.

Indeed, the head of Ferrari’s LMH program recently told Autocar that its new racecar is “a good laboratory” and that his “staff has ideas that we can put on the car that will be good for the future [road cars].”

That and the business plan would suggest that the upcoming supercar will be powered by a hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately, we may have to wait until October 2024 to find out for sure.


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