Fewer Twin Cities businesses accepting cash, reverse ATMs becoming more common


In the Strib, Kavita Kumar reports, “Cash is not just going out of style, it’s already gone in some places. Aaron Graves and her fiancé discovered that at one of the last Twins games of the year. They left their credit cards in the car, figuring they could just use cash at the stadium. They were wrong. The couple were among the fans turned away at concessions stands and redirected to a sleek white kiosk — one of five so-called reverse ATMs around Target Field. The sign on the machines says, ‘Convert cash to card’. … Many airlines stopped accepting cash years ago at check-in counters and on flights. In the pandemic, sports stadiums, amusement parks and restaurants moved to cashless transactions as a way to limit contact, make do with fewer workers and to be more efficient. The share of payments made with cash went from 26% in 2019 to 19% in 2020, according to an annual consumer survey by the Federal Reserve. It ticked up slightly last year to 20%.”

For MPR News, Dan Gunderson says, “Deer hunters often spend hours in the woods sometimes over several days, waiting for deer. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources believes what hunters see as they wait can be valuable data to help manage the deer population. ‘This allows hunters to become actively involved in deer management in Minnesota’, said Eric Michel, deer project leader for the farmland region of Minnesota. ‘Using citizen science, working with our deer hunters, allows us a much further reach than we would have otherwise. Obviously, we can’t be in the field across the state all the time, so tapping into this resource with our hunters allows us to obtain so much more data from a much larger spread across the state.’”

This, also from MPR News. Says Ron Trenda, “Some spots in the Twin Cities metro area could touch 80 degrees Tuesday afternoon. It’ll be breezy on Tuesday, but it’ll feel almost summery during the afternoon hours. A cold front moves through Minnesota and western Wisconsin Tuesday night, so temps retreat for the remainder of the week. Twin Cities metro area highs are projected to be around 60 degrees on Wednesday, then around 50 Thursday followed by lower 50s Friday.”

At Politico Holly Otterbein and Nancy Vu write, “Wisconsin GOP Sen. Ron Johnson went toe to toe with Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes over abortion, crime and inflation at a Friday debate, with Barnes taking aggressive swipes at him in an attempt to reverse Johnson’s momentum after an onslaught of attack ads. … Barnes’ aggressive posture during the debate comes as Wisconsin Democrats have grown increasingly alarmed about his chances in the election. One of his primary opponents called on him this week to fire his media consultant. Other Democrats have been privately critical of campaign errors, such as when he removed the names of two law enforcement officials from his list of endorsements after one said he didn’t endorse him and another said he backs him but was not aware he would be on such a list.”

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A BringMeTheNews story says, “FRGMT COFFEE, which currently operates locations in Minneapolis and Eden Prairie, is set to open a third location on St. Anthony Main. The coffee brand opened its first shop in North Loop’s Nordic Building in 2019 and later expanded to One Southwest Crossing in Eden Prairie earlier this year. Now, a third location is planned for the Riverplace building on St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis, which has undergone renovations over the past year.”

For Sports Illustrated, Chris Schad writes, “The Minnesota Twins entered 2022 with big expectations, but as the postseason began on Friday, the Twins were left watching it at home. After signing Carlos Correa and having a nucleus of young stars, it’s easy to wonder how this happened. A simple look at the numbers shows a flawed team, however, and one that’s deserving of spending October on the sidelines.”

Stribbers Jennifer Bjorhus and Greg Stanley write, “On the grounds of the Minnesota Zoo, inside an old shipping container turned into a laboratory, two biologists prepared to wake 67 caterpillars from their frozen winter sleep. … If the creatures survived the next two and half months to be released in the wild, they could account for somewhere between one-third and one-fifth of wild Poweshiek butterflies left on this earth.    ‘I’m not letting this cooler out of my sight,’ Nordmeyer said. This prairie butterfly suffered one of the most sudden and complete population collapses of any species in North American history. They once numbered in the millions in Minnesota, filling every square mile of the state’s grasslands — and just about every open field where people cared to look. … Then, 20 years ago, they vanished.”

An AP story by Stephen Groves and Jonathan Cooper says, “They had waited in the desert heat in a line that wrapped around the block and now the excitement was palpable when South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem took the stage in a suburban Phoenix convention hall. ‘She’s our governor!’ someone yelled. Kari Lake, the Republican nominee for governor in Arizona who hosted the event this past week, stood beside Noem and joined in the praise. She called Noem an ‘inspiration’ who stood up for families against intrusive government mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. … Noem’s campaign has argued that lending a hand to fellow Republicans helps advance the conservative cause. But she has also paid to boost her campaign ads on Facebook in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire — important early presidential primary states — and granted several interviews where she warmed to the idea of running for the White House. The governor sailed through spring and summer, releasing an autobiography, creating a nationwide fundraising network that amassed nearly $12 million and publicly reconnecting with Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign manager. Noem had severed ties last year with Lewandowski after he was accused by a donor of making unwanted sexual advances at a fundraiser that Noem and Lewandowski both attended.”

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