Fleet Management Company Zeeba Agrees To Buy 5,450 Canoo Electric Vans


Canoo announced today that it has signed an agreement with Los Angeles-based fleet management company, Zeeba, which will buy up to 5,450 of its electric commercial vehicles.

The initial binding agreement will see Zeeba purchase 3,000 Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles and Lifestyle Vehicles through 2024. The vans will be added to its long-term leasing portfolio.

Zeeba calls itself “the future of fleet management” and offers short and long term leases for small clients who need delivery vans for short periods of time. It also provides customers with electric vans from BrightDrop, GM’s electric commercial vehicle subsidiary.

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“Small & medium sized business (SMB) are the backbone of our communities, employing about half of all working Americans, and they are Zeeba’s target customers,” said Tony Aquila, Chairman & CEO at Canoo. “We put technology first and combined class leading ergonomics, a small vehicle footprint-to-cargo ratio and platform versatility while achieving a lower carbon footprint and higher return on investment for the operator, all of which will help SMBs compete.”

Canoo has faced recent struggles, but has also announced a number of partnerships with major organizations, like NASA. Earlier this year, it also signed an agreement with Walmart to provide the retail giant with 4,500 electric delivery vehicles.

“We have a large committed, growing order book, are finalizing our multi-year allocations for 2023 customer deliveries and will share our manufacturing plan with the broader market shortly,” said Aquila. “This order is another milestone validating our product and strategy.”

The Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle features an 80 kWh battery pack and has a range of 250 miles (402 km). It promises unequaled visibility thanks to its unusual shape, and it can also stow up to 120 cubic feet (3,398 liters) of cargo.


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