For $1.5 Million, You Can Own An Official Tim Burton Film Batmobile


Few fictional characters are better associated with a cool car than Batman. And now, you have an opportunity to buy one of the most exciting Batmobiles of all time. Someone is selling an official movie prop version of the car used in Tim Burton’s 1989 and 1992 films Batman and Batman Returns.

Designed by conceptual illustrator Julian Caldow, and built by John Evans’ special effects team at Pinewood Studios in England, this long, low, and wide version of the Batmobile features outrageous wings at the back, an obscenely long hood, and what looks like a jet engine running through the center.

Sadly, it is not actually powered by a jet engine, nor an ICE engine of any kind. This prop was, instead, powered by electric motors that could reportedly get it up to a speed of 25-30 mph (40-48 km/h). Unfortunately, it hasn’t been charged since the ’90s and the seller didn’t want to risk starting an electrical fire, so at this particular juncture it’s unclear if it has a top speed at all.

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Regardless, it remains a full size prop, which means that there are three seats for you to get into depending on who you want to pretend to be. This Batmobile is kind of the opposite of a McLaren F1, in that it has two forward seats and one centrally-mounted, hidden rear seat. That means that you can pretend to be Michael Keaton’s Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, or Stuntman, the person who actually drove the car and appears to have looked out through the top-mounted air intake.

Even though the electric engine is for prop purposes, there is an independent front suspension and a four-link rear suspension, with airbags all around. It also has a working flamethrower to allow you to really impress your friends.

In addition to being recognized by film buffs, this particular prop car may also be familiar to roller coaster lovers, because it was used as a prop for the official Batman Returns ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey before being bought by the current owner. The Batmobile is being sold through Classic Auto Mall and is offered at $1,500,000. It was always a billionaire’s car, after all.

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