Forcaster Says All-Electric Ford Bronco To Be Introduced With Next Gen Model In 2029


Every vehicle on the market today has a lifespan. For automakers, that lifespan is part of a product roadmap that features a beginning and an end of production. Now, one forecasting firm says that they believe the current generation of the Ford Bronco will bid us adieu in 2029. It thinks that Ford will follow up with a new generation that includes both internal combustion and all-electric powertrains.

The firm is AutoForeCasting Solutions. While it’s not officially sanctioned or directly connected to the inner plans of automakers, it does tend to be right more than it’s wrong regarding product roadmaps and timing. It’s just released its comprehensive North American vehicle product roadmap where the folks over at Bronco6G spotted the predictions about the Ford Bronco.

AFCS says that production of the current Bronco generation (U725) will likely end in October of 2029. The very next month, it expects Ford to begin production of the next-gen Bronco dubbed U765. According to AFCS, it’ll likely share the T6 platform on which the current Bronco is built.

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It also says that Ford will start building an all-electric Bronco as it begins production of the next-gen SUV. These Broncos will be built in different places. The internal combustion SUV production will continue at its current Michigan Assembly plant while the electric Bronco will most likely be produced at Blue Oval City in Tennessee.

That makes sense as we know that Ford is planning to have two distinctive operations that split internal combustion from battery-electric vehicles. It’s also likely because the a Ranger EV and Bronco EV could share the TE1 platform which we know is going to be built in Tennessee. We know too that Ford is planning on a smaller-than-F-150 all-electric truck coming out of that plant.

Again, we must note that these are only forecasts from a separate entity outside of Ford completely. Nevertheless, AFCS has historically been very accurate so we expect these figures to be close. If they end up being true though, are you excited about an all-electric Bronco? What should one look like? A Bronco Lightning sounds pretty cool to us.


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