Ford Bronco Customers Losing Patience After Waiting Months For Delivery


Ford Bronco customers are reporting that it’s taking months for the automaker to deliver completed vehicles. Many say that they’ve contacted the dealer as well as Ford corporate only to get the run around about where their vehicle is. This isn’t the first time Ford has struggled to get Broncos to their respective owners either.

A tipster who asked to remain anonymous, seemingly fearful that their own Bronco would take even longer to be delivered, reached out to say that “There are Broncos waiting months to get shipped sitting there, while others ship almost immediately, no one at corporate seems to care and there is a major disconnect at Ford and the shipping carrier.”

They also pointed us to a lengthy discussion over at where owners are trying to help one another sort out the delay. Entitled ‘Unofficial Awaiting Shipping thread’, the string of comments sounds quite damning: “9/12 week build here – and not shipped yet – no answers from Ford or from the dealer, just says at MAP awaiting shipment.”

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Another comment reads “Well, @Ford did it again. Bumped my delivery date for the 5th time even though the vehicle is on a train. This time I am going from 11/9 to 11/15 to 12/2 to 12/8.” And one in particular drives home the sort of timeline that many are dealing with.

“So after 73 days since built and released, it finally shipped. Dates in my sig (Built 8/31) but 846 days since reserved… now the wait for transit begins.” That’s well over two years since reserving the vehicle and now the customer is up against a seemingly arbitrary shipping schedule.

On top of that, there’s a bigger concern for some buyers who are relying on financing and a trade in. One comment clarifies that: “Six straight weeks of being pushed back… I don’t know when I’m gonna be able to get it. I have to reapply for financing and my trade in value has gone even farther down…”

From what these comments say, Ford nor its dealers are doing much to help: “76 Days awaiting shipment and counting… My dealer e-mailed me this morning and said that he has no updates and told me to try the online chat and to let him know how it works out. This is so ridiculous!” reads one comment.

Another says “Just left my dealer, delivery estimate has been moved three times, currently says window ends the 18th. Found out today still at the plant, I asked who else I can talk to since they’ve been anything but helpful. Was given Ford customer service, no holds, no damage, no explanation. They told me go to another dealer to get the Reps info and see if they can figure out why the vehicle hasn’t shipped.”

Others have reported that escalating the issue has proven successful. “After escalating to zone rep and finally sending multiple emails to everyone at FMC, I received a call on Friday from someone within Ford. She is working on location of our Bronco, and miraculously we have had a rail car number populate overnight.”

The Infamous Ice Mountain

This isn’t the first time that Ford Bronco customers have complained about long shipment and delivery times though. Back in May, we reported on how the global semiconductor chip shortage was affecting Bronco delivery windows. Before that in February of this year, enthusiasts found a proverbial pile of Broncos just waiting to be shipped out on something they called “ice mountain”.

We should clarify that this is all third-party aggregated data so there’s no way to confirm how accurate it is in each case. While we don’t have any reason to suspect one or more of these entries to be faulty, it’s certainly within the realm of possibility. We’ve reached out to Ford for comment on the situation and will update with any additional information that we get from them.


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