Ford Bronco Rendered In Camper Form With Wide Bodykit And Air Suspension


This story includes renderings of a Ford Bronco Camper conversion created by Oscar Vargas that are neither related to nor endorsed by Ford.

Camper conversions are becoming increasingly popular in the post-pandemic world, so it was about time someone rendered a living compartment into the Ford Bronco. Independent artist Oscar Vargas didn’t only convert the off-roader into a mini-camper, but went a step further by adding a wide bodykit and height-adjustable air suspension.

Judging from the wheelbase, the digital-only model looks like it’s based on a five-door Bronco. It has however been converted into a two-door pickup, before the camping “box” was added at the back.

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The additional structure has tinted windows on all surfaces, and goes over the roof of the Bronco – presumably to make room for a double bed. The vertical rear end has retro-van looks and a conventional door reminiscent of an armored money truck. While the overall result looks cool, the size of the box could be too small to fit a proper camper (bed, kitchen, and bathroom).

The fictional Bronco Camper is fitted with massive wheels shod in ultra-wide all-terrain tires. A set of wide body-colored fender extensions have been added to cover the wider tracks. Air suspension allows the model to lower its ground clearance on demand. As a final touch, the designer added significantly wider mirrors, skid plates, and a two-tone green shade.

The Ford Bronco Camper by wb.artist20 might only exist in the digital world, but we suspect someone might try a similar conversion in real life at some point in the future. A project like this could use a damaged Bronco as a donor vehicle, turning a totaled off-roader into an expedition vehicle.

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Photo Credit: wb.artist20


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