Ford Confirms Fiesta’s Demise In 2023, Will Be Replaced By An Electric Puma


Ford published a sentimental video saying “farewell” to one of its most popular nameplates – the Fiesta. Confirming earlier reports, the automaker announced this is the end of the road for the supermini which will be axed in June 2023, six years after the debut of the current generation and less than two years after the recent facelift. The model will be indirectly replaced by an electric variant of the Puma SUV.

In the video, we can see a Fiesta-owning grandad reading a bedtime story to his grandchild. The book is titled “Fiesta – Little family car” and tells the story of the supermini which is described as “a car for the people”. Toward the end, he says that the end of the Fiesta comes because “its job is done”.

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The Fiesta has been a member of Ford’s lineup since 1976 and is the second longest-running nameplate behind the Transit. To date, we have seen seven or eight generations of the Fiesta, depending on how you count the numerous updates over its illustrious 47-year-long career. The supermini has sold more than 18 million units worldwide and remains UK’s best-selling model with close to 5 million sales.

The last Ford Fiesta will roll out the production line of the Cologne factory by the end of June 2023. Order books will remain open until the remaining production volume is sold out. Ford recently dropped the three-door hatchback from the lineup, which means that you will only be able to buy a five-door Fiesta for the last year of its production run. Thankfully, the Ford Fiesta ST hot hatch will stick around for one more year as the performance flagship of the range. Following the demise of the Fiesta, the automaker’s main factory in Germany will be transformed into the Ford Cologne Electrification Center, switching to EV production.

The farewell video ends on a positive note, teasing a seemingly electric Puma behind a garage door with a charger. The Ford Puma EV has already been teased and confirmed, set to be produced in the Craiova plant in Romania starting in 2024.

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