Ford F-150 Lightning Owners Now Get 250 kWh Of Free Charging At Electrify America Stations


There’s no question that the Ford F-150 Lightning is a groundbreaking truck that’s in high demand. In case it wasn’t featureful enough, now it has one more incentive to help sway buyers. Every F-150 Lightning owner will now get 250 kWh worth of free charging at Electrify America stations across the nation.

All trim levels of the F-150 Lightning will have access to the free power though their owners’ FordPass Rewards. While free mileage is great, the ultimate goal of this incentive is to help new EV owners get accustomed not just to charging while on the road but to Electrify America’s stations themselves.

“Electrifying the F-150, America’s best-selling vehicle, is a game changer for bringing electric vehicles fully mainstream,” said Giovanni Palazzo, president, and CEO of Electrify America. “We’re proud to have the F-150 Lightning and all Ford electric vehicles take advantage of Electrify America’s growing coast-to-coast ultra-fast charging network to build range confidence wherever they travel.”

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As it stands, Electrify America has already expanded its charger station network to include 800 different locations. Add up all of the individual chargers at those locations and you’ll find that there are some 3,500 in total. Expansion is continuing at a rapid pace though and Electrify America has some big goals for the near future.

By 2026 it wants to have a total of 1,800 charging stations completed across the USA and Canada. If they achieve that goal it would provide more than 10,000 individual chargers across North America. That’s to say nothing of the other companies working hard to extend EV infrastructure as well.

This isn’t the first time that Electrify America has partnered with a legacy auto manufacturer either. Back in February, it announced a deal with Kia to provide 1,000 kWh worth of free charging to customers. Not long after it partnered with Vietnamese automaker Vinfast and very recently, Electrify America agreed to help IKEA quadruple its on-site electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Its well-rounded approach also includes building lounges and event spaces at charging stations.


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