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Ford Mustang Driver Attempts A Burnout, Ends Up Crashing Into Pickup


Ford Mustang drivers never cease to amaze us and the driver of this particular example, finished in a bright shade of green, had a very rough day behind the wheel of the muscle car.

A clip of the Mustang was recently shared to the IdiotsInCars channel on Reddit and shows the driver stopped in the middle of a street to do a burnout. With a quick hit of the throttle, the Ford begins to spin up its rear tires but at the same time, also appears to start burning up its clutch.

As the driver gradually releases the brake, the Ford begins to pull away, leaving a huge plume of smoke behind it and creating plenty of noise. Mere moments later, however, the rear end of the Mustang kicks out violently to the right and the car slams directly into the rear of a black pickup parked on the side of the road.

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The video cuts out soon after so it’s hard to know just how much damage the Mustang sustained. However, we can confidently say that the front end will require some extensive repairs if the car is to ever return the roads in a presentable state.

The most likely explanation for the crash is that the driver of the Ford simply got a little too happy with their right foot and wasn’t prepared for the Mustang’s tail to kick out so quickly and unexpectedly.

Adding to the stupidity on display is the fact that the driver did the burnout in the middle of a residential area where people were looking in, including a young child. The driver is fortunate they only hit another car and not a person.


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