Ford Mustang Street Racing A Corvette Slams Into A Hyundai Causing Massive Crash


Late Wednesday night, three cars collided on the southbound side of the Sam Rayburn Tollway just north of Dallas, TX. A dash camera caught the entire incident on film. Despite fleeing from the scene, the driver at fault was later apprehended by police. They suspect that he may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.

The DFW Scanner Twitter account first announced the incident simply saying that the Fire Department, EMS, and Police were working on a “major accident” and that there would be delays in the area. They also said that EMS was transporting one person to Medical City Lewisville.

It’s not hard to see why someone might need medical attention after watching the video. In it, we see a yellow Corvette and a Ford Mustang fly by the camera car (which is evidently doing 80 mph+ or 128 km/h). As the two cars approach a Hyundai in lane three minding its own business.

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The Mustang, which is also in lane three seems to make no attempt at avoiding the Hyundai and subsequently slams into the back of it. As a result of the collision, the Ford, which is slightly ahead of the Corvette, veers left and knocks the Chevy into the ditch on the left where it rolls.

According to NBCDFW, the Texas Department of Safety says that the two sports cars were allegedly racing at the time of the wreck. The DPS also stated that after the Mustang driver, Jordan Brown fled from the scene. When police caught up with him they confirmed that he was intoxicated at the time of the incident. He’s facing six charges including intoxication assault.

The occupants of the Corvette were in critical and stable condition respectively not long after the accident. The driver of the Hyundai was treated at the scene and released.

The driver of the camera car, Charles Washinton described the scene to NBCDFW saying “I heard the cars before I saw them. Like, my car just shook. Then I look to my right, I saw two cars speeding. I’m thinking, ‘What idiots. Why are they driving so fast?’” Washington recalled. “Within like a second or two, I saw them crash.” He demonstrated a level head simply slowing down and ensuring that he didn’t get caught up in the wreck himself.

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