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Ford Mustang’s Black Accent Package Could Be Dubbed ‘Dark Horse’


Ford has applied to trademark the ‘Mustang Dark Horse’ name in Europe and it could be used for a forthcoming accent package for the pony car.

As revealed in the 7th Mustang forum, the trademark application was made on June 22 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and notes that it is for “four-wheeled land vehicles, namely electric cars, sport utility vehicles, passenger automobiles.”

The most likely explanation is that the ‘Mustang Dark Horse’ name is the one that will adorn a new black accent package that was announced for the Mustang earlier this month.

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Ford has only released a couple of teaser images of this special Mustang package but was running a competition where it was asking its fans to submit a name for the accent package. More than 25,000 submissions were made and it looks as though Ford has selected its winner.

Interestingly, it seems as though Dark Horse was quite a popular choice among car fans. At least three CarScoops readers suggested the Dark Horse name in our initial June 1 article about the competition. Another suggestion we liked was Black Stallion.

Teasers released for the package indicate that it will add a black pony badge to the tailgate of the Mustang. It could also feature smoked taillights and will almost certainly sit on black wheels. It should be mean and it should be stealthy. It could also prove to be one of the final iterations of the current-generation Mustang before the all-new model debuts, perhaps as soon as April next year.


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