Ford Still Needs To Choose A Name For Mustang’s Black Accent Package


Ford is yet to decide on a name for the Ford Mustang’s forthcoming Black Accent Package and has taken to social media to announce the four finalists of its crowd-sourced naming competition.

The naming campaign was first announced in June when Ford established a website asking enthusiasts to submit a name for the Black Accent Package. Just three weeks later, Ford submitted trademark applications for ‘Mustang Dark Horse’ in various international markets, prompting speculation that it was the name chosen. Evidently, that wasn’t the case.

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A newly-published tweet from Ford says that “there were too many good name submissions for the Mustang Black Accent Package.” It is now asking for enthusiasts to vote between the four available names: Nite Pony, Shadow Stallion, Alastor, and Shadowmare.

We’re not particularly fond of any of the names but whatever name Ford chooses, it would be wise to do so in the next few weeks. After all, the all-new, seventh-generation Ford Mustang will celebrate its global debut on September 14 at the Detroit Auto Show and it would be a little odd if the Black Accent Package for the outgoing sixth-generation Mustang was unveiled after this date, giving Ford just over three weeks to make a decision.

Details about the Black Accent Package are limited, although teaser images released back in June revealed that it will feature a black pony badge on the tailgate, black wheels, and potentially smoked taillights, giving the muscle car an aggressive and purposeful look.


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