Ford Teases Mid-Sized Electric Crossover For Europe


The EV will be joined by a sport crossover in 2024

by Michael Gauthier

December 15, 2022 at 15:00

 Ford Teases Mid-Sized Electric Crossover For Europe

by Michael Gauthier

Ford has given us the first revealing look at an upcoming electric vehicle for Europe.

In a tweet, the general manager of Ford Model e Europe pulled the sheet back on the “first electric passenger vehicle” that will be built in Cologne, Germany. 

While the model won’t arrive until 2023, Ford originally teased the vehicle earlier this year and said it will be a “medium-sized” electric crossover. It will be joined by a second electric vehicle in 2024, which has been billed as a “sport crossover.”

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There isn’t much to see, but the mid-sized crossover features a curvaceous front bumper with vertical air curtains and what appears to be a fully enclosed central intake.  We can also get a glimpse of the headlights, which feature L-shaped daytime running lights.

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Elsewhere, the crossover has been equipped with plastic body cladding and aerodynamically optimized wheels.  They’re joined by a contrasting silver accent on the front bumper, which is likely designed to recall a skid plate. The rest of the crossover is covered by a sheet, but we can make out a sloping roof and what appears to be a pronounced shoulder line.

Little else is known about the model at this point, but officials have previously said the vehicle will build on “Ford’s proud heritage and success in the popular sport utility and crossover segment.”  The model also promises to be “highly differentiated” and “set new benchmarks for zero emissions mobility.”

As we have previously reported, Ford is preparing an assortment of electric vehicles for Europe including a Puma EV.  If everything goes according to plan, the company will sell over 600,000 EVs annually in Europe in 2026.


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