Formula E Announces Record 18-Race Calendar For 2023 Season


Formula E is set to make drastic leaps forward for the 2023 season, and along with the new cars, the electric single-seater racing series has just announced a record-breaking calendar for what will be their 9th season to date.

2023 will see the new fighter jet-like cars compete in 18 different races, which is up from this year’s record of 16. Three of those 18 races’ locations are yet to be determined, but given their timing in the calendar, it’s likely none of them will be double-headers on the same weekend.

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And on the topic of race locations, not only does the number of races next season break a record, but also how many cities they visit as well. Unlike Formula 1 and many other racing series, as mentioned before, Formula E will often have 2 races per weekend in the same location, so the number of races isn’t always a 1:1 correlation to the number of cities. The 2023 season will see Formula E visit 13 different cities, beating this year’s record of 10.

Two of the three new locations come in the form of the Hyderabad and Sao Paolo E-Prix in India and Brazil respectively, while the other one is likely assumed to be at least one of the to-be-confirmed races since they can’t be at an existing location without rescheduling.

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As for potential locations of those unknown race locations, Formula E Co-Founder and Chief Championship Officer Alberto Longo said the series is “working hard to include Cape Town and a race in the USA when the provisional calendar is updated later this year.”

Regardless of what those cities end up being, 2023 is shaping up to be a pretty interesting year for Formula E. And with new teams, faster cars, and now more races, it shouldn’t disappoint.


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