Frank Stephenson Has Some Ideas To Improve The McLaren Solus GT


To this writer’s eyes, the McLaren Solus GT is one of the most stunning cars designed in recent memory, even though it focuses more on aerodynamics than beauty. However, former McLaren designer Frank Stephenson does have some issues with the design.

In conducting his analysis of the car, Stephenson starts at the front end. He says he isn’t particularly impressed with how the front wheel arches are supported by two visible struts and thinks that McLaren could have found a more elegant solution. Similarly, he isn’t fond of the windshield wiper positioned in the center of the glass and doesn’t think it fits with the car’s overall design.

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There are some things that Stephenson would change with the sides of the car. Most notably, he would scrap the existing wheels and replace them with aerodynamic covers, furthering the futuristic looks of the car and no doubt aiding in its aerodynamics.

The rear is Stephenson’s favorite aspect of the car. He loves the rear stance and profile of the Solus GT and notes that the design emphasizes the overall width. The huge diffuser and aerodynamic tunnels don’t just look awesome but will play a hugely important role in producing downforce.

There is one thing of the rear-end that the designing doesn’t like. He notes that the simple horizontal LED taillights are rather uninspired and says they would look slightly better if given a subtle curve.

Of course, it is more than the aerodynamic design that makes the Solus GT special. For example, it features a 5.2-liter naturally-aspirated V10 that pumps out 817 hp, 479 lb-ft (648 Nm) of torque, and revs to more than 10,000 rpm. McLaren is aiming for a 0-60 mph (96 km/h) time of less than 2.5 seconds and a top speed exceeding 200 mph (322 km/h).


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