French Can Subscribe To A Peugeot e-208 For €145 Per Month With Stellantis’ New Electric As You Go Program


Stellantis announced that it is releasing a long-term rental program for electric vehicles called “Electric As You Go.” Billed as an affordable way to get into an EV, the scheme is being launched in France.

Electric As You Go customers will be able to pick between a Peugeot e-208, an Opel Corsa-e, or an Opel Mokka-e electric vehicle. The automaker says that there will be a “limited initial down payment” required to sign onto the program, though it doesn’t say how much that will be.

It does, though, reveal the minimum monthly term to subscribe to this service. Plans start at €110 ($112 USD at current exchange rates) plus 7 cents per kilometer ($0.072 USD), but you have to pay for at least 500 km (311 miles) of driving, which amounts to another €35 ($36 USD), bringing the total up to at least €145 ($148 USD) per month.

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Stellantis stipulates, though, that there are no mileage limits on the program. For the average French driver, who in 2019 traveled 1,018 km (633 miles) per month, the mileage fee would be €71 ($72 USD), bringing the total up to €181 ($185 USD) per month.

The Peugeot e-208 and the Opel Corsa-e are based on the eCMP platform, which features a relatively compact 50 kWh battery pack. In the Peugeot, it has a range of 362 km (225 miles) and its motor delivers 134 hp (136 PS/100 kW) 192 lb-ft (260 Nm) of torque.

The automaker says that the strategy has been inspired by the “Pay-per-Use” trend in other consumer sectors and that the intention is to lower the entry barrier to its battery electric vehicles. Other automakers, like Volvo, have attempted to enter the vehicle subscription industry.

Part of its “BEVs for all” campaign, Electric As You Go will first be offered to drivers who trade in a diesel vehicle registered before 2011 or a gas vehicle registered before 2006. Stellantis describes this as an effort to accelerate the transition to EVs. As time goes on, more vehicles will be offered through the Electric for All, and the service will be offered in more countries around Europe.


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