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FTX hacker identity discovered by Kraken Exchange team


Nick Percoco, the CSO of Kraken Exchange, tweeted just an hour ago in response to Mario Nawfal that the Kraken team now knows the identity of the user that hacked FTX.

Founder and CEO of, Mario Nawfal tweeted explaining that “the hacker is very likely an inexperienced insider.”

Community collective efforts

Satoshi Stacker, the well-established Youtuber, and crypto/NFT proponent also weighed in on the situation — explaining that “the FTX “Hacker” just funded his TRX wallet from Kraken.

Having used Kraken throughout the hack to offload the stolen funds, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details were clearly enough for the Kraken team to identify the user.

Just keep digging

CEO and Co-founder of, Dyma Budorin, complimented Tobias Silver – founder of – on his deep dive of the FTX Tron accounts.

Budorin determines that an “insider is behind [the FTX] rug pull / exit scam” as a result of the hacker’s incompetency.

Kraken will now likely be working together with law enforcement to track the identified individual.

More to come as the story unfolds.


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