FTX ordered to indemnify and reimburse Bahamas for assets safekeeping


Bahamas Supreme Court on Nov. 21 ordered bankrupt crypto exchange FTX to indemnify and reimburse the Securities Commission of Bahamas (SCB) for expenses it will incur while safekeeping its digital assets.

On Nov. 18, the watchdog revealed that it directed the embattled firm to transfer crypto assets under its control to the Commission’s wallet on Nov. 12.

According to the Nov. 21 press statement, the SCB said:

“[The court order]confirms the Commission is entitled to be indemnified under the law and FDM shall ultimately bear the costs the Commission incurs in safeguarding those assets for the benefit of FDM’s customers and creditors, in a manner similar to other normal costs of administering FDM’s assets for the benefit of its customers and creditors.”

It added that no payment would be made to its coffers without the court’s approval.

The control of FTX’s assets has generated several controversies within the crypto community. Earlier this week, the FTX hacker wallet began dumping around $60 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) for Bitcoin (BTC). Reports also emerged that the hacker was spoofing the meme coin transactions.

Meanwhile, the Bahamian regulator had earlier denied granting FTX the right to prioritize the withdrawal of Bahamian assets.

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