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Fuel Pumps In Some Diesel Jeep Wrangler, Gladiator, And Ram 1500 Models Could Fail


Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, and Ram 1500 models are being recalled in the United States as they use a high-pressure fuel pump that could fail prematurely.

FCA US has revealed that 3.0-liter diesel engines introduced into production from May 29, 2019 have faulty high-pressure fuel pumps. The automaker hasn’t said why the fuel pump could wear prematurely but says that if it does, it could introduce internally failed component debris into the fuel system, potentially causing fuel starvation.

If this were to occur, it could result in an unexpected loss of power, increasing the risk of a crash and injury. Owners of impacted models may notice a Malfunction Indicator Lamp, service Electronic Throttle Control indicator, a fuel leak at the high-pressure fuel pump, or excessive noise from the fuel pump.

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A total of 60,413 models are being recalled. These consist of 21,244 examples of the Jeep Wrangler built between August 20, 2019 and November 2, 2021, 7,375 Jeep Gladiator models manufactured between June 4, 2020 and May 13, 2022, and 31,794 Ram 1500s built from May 29, 2019 to January 21, 2022.

The high-pressure fuel pumps of all models will be replaced and if necessary, additional fuel system components will also be replaced.

FCA US has issued a separate recall for 184 examples of the same 3.0-liter diesel engine that have been sold by Mopar. This includes 37 examples of the engine built between June 10, 2019 and July 22, 2020 (part number 05162111AF), 113 examples produced between July 23, 2020 and May 18, 2021 (part number 05162111BA), and 34 engines built from July 17, 2019 and May 20, 2021 (part number 05162119AH).


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