Fun Police Strike Again As Authorities Seize Porsche Panamera For Being Too Loud


The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept has a Fratzonic chambered exhaust that screams at up to 126 decibels, but that would likely have German police crying foul as they recently seized this Porsche Panamera for reaching a more modest 104 decibels.

In a Facebook post and press release, the Polizei NRW Gelsenkirchen said they noticed the vehicle on August 16th because of “loud noises coming from the car.” This led to an inspection, which reportedly found tinted taillights as well as an apparently modified exhaust that exceeded the “permitted and registered 72 decibels.”

The latter appears to have been the primary problem and police noted an increase of 10 decibels corresponds to a perceived doubling of volume. They went on to warn drivers that making modifications to their vehicles “risks a fine” as well as “high towing and expert costs.”

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In this case, the car was seized from the 23-year-old driver and its owner was notified about the issue. While the driver apparently paid the fine on the spot, the vehicle was “secured and is now being examined by a sworn expert.”

Unsurprisingly, the seizure was met with mixed reactions as some people praised authorities and noted loud vehicles are troublesome at night when people are trying to sleep. Others called the incident ridiculous and a waste of time as there are bigger problems to deal with.

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