Gallon of gas priced below $3 in parts of the Twin Cities


The Star Tribune’s Dee Depass  reports gas is sub-$3 per gallon at some Twin Cities locations for the first time in more than a year. Average regional gas prices are at $3.19 now, “which is just 7 cents above the average reported one year ago and a far cry from the $4.76 average for June, according to the price tracking firm”

The Strib’s Nicole Norfleet reports Marshall’s is leaving Nicollet Mall. 

Governing’s Jared Brey writes about efforts to make the Twin Cities the “‘bus rapid transit capital of North America.”

The Imprint’s Farrah Mina reports on efforts to create “lifebooks” for Minnesota children in foster care, which help collect details that can get lost in the foster care system. “All too often, if foster youth … have records at all, they detail allegations of parental abuse and neglect, traumatic encounters with child protective services and the court hearings that dictated their lives. There are typically few mementos of those who loved them and the places they visited as children, just for fun.”

Racket’s Jay Boller with a fun piece on how Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls (made in Minnesota) have become a brewer’s lunch around the country.

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 MPR’s Jon Collins has an update on the sentencing of J. Alexander Kueng for his role in George Floyd’s murder. It was initially scheduled for this morning. “Judge Peter Cahill rescheduled the official sentencing for 1 p.m., but said if the agency isn’t prepared that he’d push it back until next week.” Kueng pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter, per Collins.


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