Garbage Truck Driver Sideswipes Parked Holden Monaro In Melbourne


The Holden Monaro is one of Australia’s most recognizable and iconic performance cars but sadly, this particular example will need some expensive repairs after a little run-in with a garbage truck.

Footage shared to the always-entertaining Dash Cam Owners Australia channel on YouTube shows a large garbage truck meandering its way down a narrow street in Melbourne.

All seems to be going fine until the truck comes across the yellow Monaro parked on the left of the road and a Ford Falcon parked on the right side. A blue Nissan Micra can also be seen pulled over to the right of the road.

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Despite being presented with a very small gap to thread the garbage truck between, the driver only briefly slows down and ends up clipping the yellow Holden. The force of the impact shakes the Monaro, destroys the driver’s side wing mirror, and appears to rip off part of the front bumper.

The driver of the Monaro quickly exits the car and expresses his frustration at what had just happened, signaling toward the truck driver. While it initially appeared as though the garbage truck driver was about to flee the scene, he ended up pulling over to the side of the road (hitting a low-hanging tree in the process).

It’s quite clear that the driver of the garbage truck is to blame for the crash as the Monaro was parked legally on the side of the street. However, those commenting on the video suggest that the urban planners in the area should cop some of the blame as the street clearly isn’t wide enough to allow for parking on both sides.



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