Get A Glimpse Of Buick’s Wildcat-Inspired Luxury Sedan In China


A host of new spy shots have emerged out of China showcasing a luxurious new Buick sedan that appears to take design inspiration from the striking Wildcat Concept.

Buick’s new sedan was recently spotted in China for the first time covered in camouflage that hides most of the exterior design. However, the camouflage simply cannot shield some of the similarities the car shares with the Wildcat.

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The most obvious resemblance is visible at the front where the new sedan appears to have similarly shaped headlights to the Wildcat concept, no doubt giving it a very expressive and striking face for when it hits the market without the camo.

Of course, while the car leans on the Wildcat for its styling, it is a four-door while the concept was a two-door coupe. Chinese media suggests it is bigger than the current LaCrosse and could serve as the brand’s new flagship sedan. Other design traits that stand out on this prototype include the tapered roofline, multi-spoke wheels, and thick C-pillars.

A single image of the car’s interior has been snapped. It shows a curved display stretching across the dashboard and serving as both the digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen, just like the system from the new Buick Century. Much like the Century, the upcoming sedan adopts a four-spoke steering wheel and it appears to have a floating center console with two wireless phone charging pads.

No details about the sedan’s expected powertrains are known but local media indicates it will be either a plug-in hybrid or all-electric.

Buick Wildcat Concept


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