GM BrightDrop Plant Becomes Canada’s First Large-Scale EV Factory


General Motors’ electric commercial vehicle subsidiary, BrightDrop, celebrated the start of production of its electric delivery vans in Ingersoll, Ontario. The plant, known as CAMI, is the first full-scale electric vehicle manufacturing factory in Canada, and brings with it the announcement that DHL will be the company’s first customer in the country.

The plant was first opened in 1989 and was behind the construction of the Chevrolet Equinox until it was retooled for electric vehicle production earlier this year. Today, the first of its new products, the BrightDrop Zevo 600 rolled off the line.

“This milestone represents GM at our best — fast, flexible and first in the industry,” said Mark Reuss, GM president. “The BrightDrop Zevo is a prime example of GM’s flexible Ultium EV architecture, which is allowing us to quickly launch a full range of electric vehicles for our customers. And, as of today, I am proud to call the CAMI EV Assembly team the first full-scale all-electric manufacturing team in Canada.”

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DHL Express Canada, the parcel delivery service, plans to add its first Zevo to its fleet early next year. The company is also piloting BrighDrop’s Trace eCarts, a cart for carrying packages and items has an electric motor to assist the operator.

“As the world’s most international logistics company, we understand the important role we can play in pioneering climate-friendly operations, which is why we’re so pleased to be BrightDrop’s customer in Canada,” said Andrew Williams, CEO for DHL Express Canada. “DHL made a commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and as we continue to invest in our electric ground fleet worldwide.”

BrightDrop expects to be able to build 50,000 Zevo vans per year by 2025 at CAMI. The company plans to start scaled production of the Zevo 600 in January 2023, while production of the Zevo 400 (a slightly smaller electric delivery van), will start in late 2023. BrightDrop has already delivered 150 electric vans in the U.S.

“Bringing BrightDrop to Canada and starting production at CAMI is a major step to providing EVs at scale, while delivering real results to the world’s biggest brands,” said Travis Katz, BrightDrop president and CEO. “Our international expansion is proof that we can deliver exactly what our customers need where they need it. Having DHL Express Canada come onboard as a new customer shows the confidence legacy brands have in our ability to deliver.”

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